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adrasan-plajThe adjustment of Adrasan is amid 90 km west of Antalya at the arctic end of the bay of the aforementioned name. It lies on a akin alluvial apparent affiliated to the sea by a attenuated basin and amidst by Mount Kuz and the Şapşal Mountains in the West and Mount Musa in the northeast. The Bay of Adrasan, formed at the point breadth this apparent joins the sea, exhibits the appearance of a accustomed anchorage and has been in use as a port, breadth ships of the City of Olympos were cautiously sheltered, back age-old times.

A apple inhabited by Turks in the breadth during the 11th aeon in time developed into a municipality. The area, which is ideal for hiking tours, has been advised as a golf course. Adrasan is aural the accustomed attention area.


The Accustomed Bay and environs, which are beneath aegis today, serve tourism with their baby hotels, motels and boarding houses, in appearance with the accustomed surroundings. It is accepted that the name of Adrasan originally comes from Adra/Odra/Toro/Toros or “Adrasawana” in the Luwian/Etruscan accent acceptation “Land of Bulls”. The attention breastwork of age-old Adrasan lies to the south, the added charcoal lie to the east.


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