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In Alanya, the a lot of important barrio are ‘Kizilkule’ (29 meters in bore and 33 meters in height) and shipyard (57 meters in breadth and 40 meters in depth). That shipyard is consisted of 5 entablature departments. The roof has windows-like holes in adjustment to let the sun appliance in. Castle-Mosque, Bedesten (Market-place), abbey of Sultan Aksebe, all accord to the Seljuk and Ottoman Periods. The debris of the Alcazar of Sultan Kezkubat are over the acropolis abreast the Castle.

Alanya is anchored to the east of the arena we are introducing in here. The arresting bastion hill, which has a acme of 300m. is absolute impressive. This acropolis is amid on a peninsula, which looks like the southward addendum of the mountains which accept appear absolute abutting to the sea. Today, the breadth advised as one of the foremost centres of Turkish tourism is covered with assistant and citrus bake-apple plantations. It is accepted that the city-limits was aforetime alleged “Korakassa/Karakassa” acceptation “Point/Protruding City” in the Luwian/Etruscan language. It is empiric that afterwards this name was acclimatized to the Hellenic accent and afflicted into Korakession.

alanya-1Alaaddin Keykubat, the Turkish Seljuk Sultan, who besieged the Breastwork Korekession in 1221, accepted the city-limits folk to abandonment the city. However, the amount of the Turkish soldiers was alone one fifth of the city’s population.

The Sultan appear to the city-limits folk that if they did not abandonment the city, he would advance the city-limits with an army of 100,000 soldiers and ruin and abort the city. He aswell accepted some time to the Korekession King and rulers.

The night afore the endure day, Turks aggregate afore the walls of the breastwork in the black of night, with torches angry assimilate the horns of bags of goats. The Korekession King and rulers of the city, cerebration that the Turkish army would advance with abundant force, surrendered the city-limits to the Turks.

Thus, Alaaddin Keykubat, the Turkish Sultan, agitated out the a lot of absorbing barefaced in history. According to Hittite inscriptions, the actuality of a city-limits alleged Karkisa is mentioned in the breadth breadth today’s city-limits is amid and it is anticipation that the city-limits folk originally came from the breadth Kawana aural the borders of today’s southwestern arena of Konya. It has been apparent that the absolute barter avenue which descended from the Central Anatolian arena to the Mediterranean by casual from Kawana and southwards forth the basin of the brook and concluded in Korekession has been in use for bags of years. During the Persian and Hellenistic eras, one aggressive billet anniversary was established, as the acropolis was acceptable for this, appropriately it took the anatomy of a aggressive fortress. alanya-2Because of the abridgement of ascendancy over the Mediterranean during the 2nd aeon B.C. it was captured by pirates beneath the command of Diodotos Tryphon, and during this epoch, assorted structures, primarily including a palace, were congenital by the pirates on the acropolis breastwork and thus, urbanisation started.

After the final defeat of the pirates of the Mediterranean by the Romans in 68 B.C. a Roman billet subordinated to the arena of Pamphylia was brought to the fortress. The absolute development of the city-limits took abode during the Byzantine era and the breastwork regained its appearance of a city; basilicas and chapels of assorted sizes were built; breastwork walls were broadcast with a somewhat ample new deluxe architectonics complete aloft them. During this era name of the city-limits was aswell afflicted to Kalonoros acceptation “Beautiful Mountain”.

The name of the city, which was bedeviled by Turks in 1221, was afflicted to Alaiye in anamnesis of the Sultan Alaaddin and it was adorned with assorted structures absorption Turkish Seljuk architecture. The close breastwork at the accomplished point of the peninsula is 180 metres continued and amid with walls. Extending from east to west, these walls were broadcast during assorted epochs, totalling up to 6 km. There are 80 architecture and 150 bastions aloft the breastwork walls. The palace, of which the charcoal can be apparent anon on the appropriate afterwards the entrance, is anticipation to accept been congenital of bits stones, with two storeys. Going northwards from actuality one notices the arresting quadrangular Byzantine chapel, 6×6 m in ambit with a individual arch set aloft four walls and frescoes on the interior. From actuality one arrives at the quadrangular billet building, adjoining to the close bank of the fortress, and the armament depot/Arsenal anon behind. Walking from this breadth in a westerly direction, one arrives at a arduous bluff over which disciplinarian accursed to afterlife were befuddled into the sea.

alanya-3The peninsula descends steeply into the sea in a westerly direction, in the anatomy of a ribbon, basic a baby peninsula, 4000 m long. This was alleged “cilvarda”.

On the baby peninsula are a watch tower, a plan of art dating from the Seljuk era, and a baby Byzantine chapel. Other charcoal arresting in the close breastwork are the baptize cisterns of assorted sizes acclimated in accession rain water.

To the east of the breastwork is the three-storeyed Red Tower, advised as the attribute of Alanya today, congenital by Turks in 1227 of red dressed rock blocks, barometer 33 m in acme and 29 m in diameter, octagonal in structure, with assorted chambers, refectories and dormitories on the aboriginal two floors and a ample baptize alembic on the third floor, in its accessible courtyard. It is accepted that the Red Belfry was congenital to assure the port. Further on from the belfry is a quadrangular Shipyard architectonics complete appropriate next to the sea. The façade of the shipyard architectonics has 5 arches which accredit the access of ships and a amplitude of 60 metres. A quadrangular aegis belfry has been congenital at the southern end of the Shipyard architectonics which is accepted to accept been congenital during the aforementioned aeon as the Red Tower.

Museum: There is a beatiful bounded building in Alanya breadth the archaelogical and ethnographical monuments of the arena are exhibited.

alanya-4On the western abruptness of the peninsula, 70 m in from the sea, is Damlataş Cave, 18 metres deep, anticipation to accept formed over 15,000 years according to scientists. Damlataş Cave, which was begin at the basal of a bouldered abruptness on the bank to the west of the Alanya peninsula, was accordingly baldheaded in 1948. Damlataş Cavern was geologically formed as a aftereffect of tectonic factors aural the semi-marble metamorphic limestone acceptance to the Alanya massif, displaced from the Taurus mountains through a accountability system, the movements of the accountability and bend systems aural the white marble, movement of the sea waves, and actinic abandoning by the apparent water, which contains ample amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Damlataş Cavern consists of a baby annular anteroom absolute stalagmites and stalagtites of arresting beauty, which anatomy to ample a amplitude with a bore of 10 m and acme of 15 m. Through the 45 m continued corridor, which extends appear the annular space, one descends a flight of accomplish to the bank basic the attic of the cave. Humans sit on the benches placed on the attic of Damlataş Cavern and drag the air aural the cave, which has ameliorative properties, for 4 hours every day.

damlatas-caveIn the breadth from the access up to the annular space, it is accessible to appointment stalagmites and stalagtites that accept abutting calm to anatomy ample columns. It has been begin that the air of the cavern with its carbon dioxide, nitrogen and radioactivity agreeable is benign to sufferers of asthma and bronchitis. The air central the cavern is at a connected temperature of 22 degrees and is by itself formed of stalagmites and stalagtites. Alaaddin Abbey on the north-eastern abruptness of the acropolis hill, estimated to accept been congenital during the 16th century, was complete of rock and red bricks, with three domes comatose aloft four accumulated columns. The close window boards of the abbey present the finest archetype of wood-carving craftsmanship.

To the east of the abbey is Bedesten-Arcade, 35 metres continued by 13 metres wide, quadrangular in anatomy and consisting of 26 accommodation and a ample depot. The museum, amid anon next to Damlataş Cave, was opened in 1967. The building has four calm and one alfresco exhibition anteroom with the archaeological and ethnographical works of art baldheaded in the breadth on display. The a lot of important plan of art is the brownish bronze of Herakles. Today Alanya serves apple tourism with its arresting coasts and touristic facilities.

Boat tours to the berth and bound of Old Alanya, restaurants and arcade centres and the Phosphoric and Lovers’ Caves, which are sea caves, are adorable to tourists. Moreover, rafting tours are organised about the basin of Dim Creek. In the restaurants amid on Dim Brook set up in the river baptize with tables and gazebos, it is accessible to acquisition accurate Turkish dishes and altered types of seafood. Jeep-safari tours are organised to the Tablelands of Gedevet and Türbelinas amid on the Taurus Mountains.

The Tableland of Çayarası is the hunting abode of the bounded people. Cavern analysis report, architectural and electrification appliance projects were implemented by MTA (Mine Inspection and Search) for Dim Cavern amid 1986-1989. The cavern is amid at a ambit of about 13 km from Alanya in the administration of Gazipaşa. It was formed on a accountability active from north-west to south-east, aural a Permian old dolomitic, crystallized, semi-marbled limestone and is the ascendant accumulation of the area. The access aperture of the cavern is at an distance of 215 m from the sea. The stalagmites and stalagtites of the cave, with their arresting beauty, accept been brought beneath aegis and accept a absolute breadth of about 350 m.

The formation, evocative of the afterimage of a arctic avalanche aural the cave, is able-bodied account a visit. Dim cavern is anon in a fossilised state, advancement its appearance as getting one of the a lot of important caves of the Antalya arena in agreement of biological research.


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