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Alara & Alara Han

Alara HanThe caravans travelling from Alaiye to Antalya and Konya accept been blockage at Alara Han (Inn) from the Middle Ages until contempo times. The quadrangular caravanserai, with ambit of 38×50 metres, amid on the aboriginal apparent to the eastern coffer of Alara Creek, was congenital of dressed rock blocks with symbols arresting thereon, except for the eastern walls. The Inn was able by triangular and quadrangular struts on three façades. To the arctic is a aperture bizarre with lion’s accomplished relief, crowned with a depressed arch.

On the inscription consisting of six curve over the portal, afterwards abounding attributes animating the Sultan Alaaddin the date of 1232 is given. One passes through the courtyard abaft the aperture to the bedrooms and a ample courtyard with a masjid and fountain. Alara HanThe accommodation accept a beam formed of cradle vaults with a ablaze hole. Travellers acclimated to sit and babble in the exedras, which had acicular arches. Stables in the anatomy of alveolate galleries band the inn on three façades. Small windows were opened on the rear walls of the accommodation area cartage could allocution to their agents or see the animals. In the inn are the alone examples in Seljuk architectonics of oil lamp consoles with the anatomy of a lion’s arch carved on the face.

The entrance to Alara Han, two small quadrangular towers built on both sides of the portal, had oil embrasures and shields on the walls for security. The great hall of the inn, which is ornamented, is covered with star shaped vaults. Today the caravanserai has been restored true to its authentic original and touristic Turkish Nights are organized. THE ALARA FORTRESS was built on an elevation of 300 m in the eastern direction at the point where the creek abandons the valley during the Byzantine Era. This Acropolis Fortress built to control the passageway connecting Central Anatolia to the Mediterranean was seized by bandits and used as a centre of plunder during various epochs. Hidden galleries descending down to Alara Creek through the Castle are visible. Touristic canoeing and rafting tours are organised on Alara Creek today. The area is well-known for its banana plantations.


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