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Antalya Economy

antalya-economyThe main stones of the economical structure of Antalya is tourism, agriculture, commerce and industry. In the city which has a wide range of agricultural production from citriculture to forcing vegetables, from cotton to flower growth, most of the people earn their income from tourism and agriculture. (Specially famous with its Orange and Banana)

Main growth and development of Antalya started in the Republic era. Its nature, suitable climate conditions increased the migration to the city. While the town population was 17.635 in 1927, 27.515 in 1950, 50.908 in 1960, it reached 95.616 in 1970. The population which was 258.139 in 1980, reached 1.719.751 in the year 2000. While the migrations caused new districts in the city, it fastened the construction sector. The agriculture sector which showed development parallel with tourism, it caused transportation sector to be developed with itself. Antalya City is a sub-regional centre controlling mainly commercial, agricultural economic activities in its hinterland.


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