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Antalya History

antalya_historyAntalya city is younger as compared to the other ancient cities of the some region (Perge, Side, Aspendos, etc.) It was founded by the Pergamon king “Attalos” in 158 B.C. and was named after its founder (Attaleia). Its present name is the same, only with a slight change of pronunciation.

Antiokhos III., who was oen of the kings of the “Seleukos kingdom”, one of the kingdoms founded in the period called by the historians as “Hellenistic period”, was defeated in the battle against the Roman and Pergamon armies (Magnesia, 190 B.C.) and had to undersign the treaty of “Apameia” (188). Meanwhile, the Roman army (commanded bye the consul Manlius Vulso), who entered Anatolia to punish the rebellious “Galatians, had turned this into a campaign of collecting the tribute. He collected money from the cities in Antalya region, made agreements with those and provided them the guarantee of Rome for independence.

In 158 B.C., the Pergamon king “Attalos II.” partially captured Antalya region, but the guarantee of independence provided to the cities by Rome, the ally of Pergamon kingdom, was making him unable to do anything.

Having realized that he would not be able to make use of the sea ports on the shores of Pamphylia, Attalos founded the sea port city of “Attaleia” (today’s Antalya) in his own name.

When the sovereign Pergamon king left his kingdom to Rome by his will in 133 B.C., Antalya region was taken under the sovereignty of Rome.

Antalya would live under the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman sovereignties, and while the other sea port cities disappeared one by one in time, this city would develop parallel to the socio-economical competition, and become the most prominent city of the region.


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