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arykanda-1It is an age-old city-limits in charcoal amid to the west of Antalya and arctic of Finike, in abutting adjacency to the Arif village. The charcoal of Arykanda, which are account a visit, are bisected an hour’s airing away. It is accepted that the name of the city-limits in the Luwian/Etruscan accent was “Arukawanda/Aruwawanda” acceptation “People accepting an Altar”. Arykanda, which was an acropolis city, was, afterwards the hegemonies of Lycia, Persia, Macedonia, Ptolemaios, Seleucia and Rhodes, subordinated to Rome in 43 A.D. Afterwards a abundant convulsion during the Byzantine aeon the city-limits confused to the breadth accepted as Ortaçay.

Today, the a lot of important antique to survive from the age-old city-limits of Arykanda is the theatre with 20 caveas, congenital anon aloft the accustomed arena during the 2nd aeon A.D. Classical music concerts are organized at the theatre every year. In foreground of the theatre is an odeon with a portico, paved with mosaics on the floor, and to the west are the charcoal of a bouleterion, amphitheater and a Roman bathhouse. arykanda-2In the eastern necropolis of the city-limits are Lycian sarcophagi and house-type tomb accommodation bizarre with friezes. The bedrock tombs lie to the west. The breadth is acclaimed for its Arykanda baptize spring.


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