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This breadth was formed during the era of torrential rains occurring afterwards the tectonic phenomena which developed in the deathwatch of the arctic aeon aloft getting abounding with the alluvia agitated by rivers. The charcoal of this era aggregate hillocks covered with ache and heath, accepted as CONGLOMERATE, formed of beach and dust accumulated to a acme of 100 meters. ...

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It is an age-old city-limits in charcoal amid to the west of Antalya and arctic of Finike, in abutting adjacency to the Arif village. The charcoal of Arykanda, which are account a visit, are bisected an hour’s airing away. It is accepted that the name of the city-limits in the Luwian/Etruscan accent was “Arukawanda/Aruwawanda” acceptation “People accepting an Altar”. Arykanda, ...

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Alara & Alara Han

The caravans travelling from Alaiye to Antalya and Konya accept been blockage at Alara Han (Inn) from the Middle Ages until contempo times. The quadrangular caravanserai, with ambit of 38×50 metres, amid on the aboriginal apparent to the eastern coffer of Alara Creek, was congenital of dressed rock blocks with symbols arresting thereon, except for the eastern walls. The Inn ...

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The adjustment of Adrasan is amid 90 km west of Antalya at the arctic end of the bay of the aforementioned name. It lies on a akin alluvial apparent affiliated to the sea by a attenuated basin and amidst by Mount Kuz and the Şapşal Mountains in the West and Mount Musa in the northeast. The Bay of Adrasan, formed ...

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Travelling westward from Demre to Kaş and reaching the main highway which after the 6th km heads towards the south, one arrives at the Sura Village consisting of a few houses by the side of the road. To the west of the village are the remains of the acropolis city Sura situated on top of the hill, 80 metres high. ...

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Pınara / Minare

To the west of the highway Antalya – Fethiye, after passing by the town Eşen and climbing up the village Minare 5 km to the south, one arrives at the remains of the ancient city Pınara. Obviously, the city was “Pinale”, a Luwian settlement, thousands of years old. The abundance of round form rocks in the south of the Cragus ...

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