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4.1.1This breadth was formed during the era of torrential rains occurring afterwards the tectonic phenomena which developed in the deathwatch of the arctic aeon aloft getting abounding with the alluvia agitated by rivers. The charcoal of this era aggregate hillocks covered with ache and heath, accepted as CONGLOMERATE, formed of beach and dust accumulated to a acme of 100 meters. As the rivers connected to backpack the alluvia in the administration of the sea, these albino hillocks remained on the plains and gradually became abroad from the shore. During the endure appearance of the bushing process, continued ridges and cordons consisting of beach and dust were formed forth the bank because of the ample amounts of alluvia agitated by the rivers.
The rivers, appropriately hindered and clumsy to acquisition an outlet, drew an arc appear the east afore extensive the sea and elimination into the sea by abounding about these ridges. To the arctic of the area, abreast the adjustment of Gebiz, is Uçansu Şelaleleri (Waterfalls) and abreast Akbaş apple in the commune of Serik, Zeytintaşı Mağarası, a cavern of absurd adorableness with its stalagmites and stalagtites. Abaft the sandbar in the Belek commune is the Kadriye adjustment with its day-tripper facilities, arcade centres and all types of day-tripper activities. The close ache forests amid abaft the sandbar add a different beauty. Today the a lot of avant-garde day-tripper adaptation accessories are begin on the shores of Kemerağzı, Belek and Serik. The advance and business of these apple accepted day-tripper accessories is agitated out by BETÜYAB, the academy accustomed by them aural their own corporations. Furthermore, there are 6 19-holed apple accepted Golf Clubs and hotels in the area.


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