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Kekova, also named Caravola, is a small Turkish island near Kaş (ancient name, Antiphellos) district of Antalya province which faces the villages of Kaleköy (ancient name, Simena) and Üçağız(ancient name, Teimioussa). Kekova has an area of 4.5 km² and is uninhabited. After the Italian occupation of Kastelorizo, Kekova—which at that time was temporarily inhabited during summer because of wood harvest—was ...

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Chimaera / Çıralı

The abode northeast of the Ancient City of Olympos at an acclivity of 250 m aloft the sea is accepted by Turks as “Yanartaş/Çıralı”. The breadth is alleged Yanartaş (Chimaera) because of the burnable gas, which consists of a 46% hydrogen and 34% methane compound, arising from the cracks formed as a aftereffect of the tectonic earthquakes at those places ...

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Places to visit in Aspendos

Places To Visit in Aspendos: City walls and gates Agora Basilica The additional section of Basilica, where public works were performed Shopping Centre Bouleuterion Nymphaion Exedra Aqueduct Baths and gymnasium Theatre Stadium Necropolis

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Aspendos is accepted for accepting the best-preserved amphitheater of antiquity. With bore of 96 meters (315 ft), the amphitheater provided basement for 7,000. In adjustment to accumulate with Hellenistic traditions, a baby allotment of the amphitheater was congenital so that it leaned adjoin the acropolis area the Citadel (Acropolis) stood, while the butt was congenital on alveolate arches. The top ...

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Places To Visit in Alanya

Main Gate “Arap evliyası” and Hellenistic city walls Ehmedek citadel Citadel mosque (Süleymaniye Mosque) Bedesten (covered baazar building) and caravanserai Akşebe Tekke Inner Citadel Byzantine church Mint, monastery and tower Damlataş cave

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In Alanya, the a lot of important barrio are ‘Kizilkule’ (29 meters in bore and 33 meters in height) and shipyard (57 meters in breadth and 40 meters in depth). That shipyard is consisted of 5 entablature departments. The roof has windows-like holes in adjustment to let the sun appliance in. Castle-Mosque, Bedesten (Market-place), abbey of Sultan Aksebe, all accord ...

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