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Chimaera / Çıralı

ChimaeraThe abode northeast of the Ancient City of Olympos at an acclivity of 250 m aloft the sea is accepted by Turks as “Yanartaş/Çıralı”. The breadth is alleged Yanartaş (Chimaera) because of the burnable gas, which consists of a 46% hydrogen and 34% methane compound, arising from the cracks formed as a aftereffect of the tectonic earthquakes at those places area the convolute acreage and limestone rocks meet. According to mythology, Bellerophon, the son of the Luwian Lord Glaucos, desires to own Pegasus, the active horse.

ChimaeraAthena the Goddess presents him with a aureate rein and tells him that if he fastens the rein on Pegasus the horse will be his. Bellerophon finds Pegasus and puts the rein over its head. So he starts aerial and dominates the heavens. Bellerophon, who kills a abundant admired acquaintance of his by mistake, becomes actual sad and starts abnormality about the world. If the hero who helps acceptable humans comes to Finike, humans “wish him to annihilate the monster called Chimaera, with a lion’s head, a goat’s physique and a snake tail, that burns the villages about it with the blaze advancing from its mouth.” Bellerophon kills Chimaera with his aerial horse, but cannot extinguish the blaze advancing out of its mouth. Thus, this is the abode area the Olympos bake is fired. Humans adapt anniversary and celebrations which aswell lay the foundations of the olympic amateur in celebration of this event.

ChimaeraWhen Bellerophon wishes to go to Idyros and alcohol of the aeon baptize Pegasus, which is a able animal, refuses to fly. When Bellerophon insists it throws him off its back. Bellerophon, accepting absent his horse, becomes abroad from humans and wanders about in aloneness until his death. The noteworthy age-old ruin in the breadth is the Byzantine Orthodox Basilica Complex, which contains the residencial abode of priests, and churches. The august and accession breadth in the south getting fabricated of large, individual section block stones confirms the actuality of the Temple of the God of Fire here. Continuing forth the age-old alley accepted as “Road of Fire”, one big and two added baby fires are visible. Further up, the alley branches into two, the alley axis west is alleged the Sacred August Way. 15 km to the east, however, Göktaş Tower is begin at an distance of 800 m.


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