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Transport i Antalya


By Air: Den internationale lufthavn i Antalya forbinder byen til de fleste hovedstæder i verden. Mellem lufthavnen og byens centrum Airport Service Bus er i brug.


Antalya Airport Phone: +90(242) 330 32 33

Med bus: Bussystem har transport til næsten alle byer i Tyrkiet, som afgår fra Antalya Bus Station(Bus Station).

Antalya Interurban Bus Station Phone: +90(242) 331 12 50

Med Færge: The Antalya-Venice Ferryboat line is currently in use. The expansion of routes of Highspeed ferries are currently being worked on.

Antalya Harbor Phone: +90(242) 259 26 27

antalya-transportInnercity Transport

Bus: The bus system has access to almost all the parts of the city.

Dolmus: Dolmus literally means “filled up”. Dolmus is a large cab, a station wagon, en regelmæssig taxa eller en minibus hat rejser en bestemt rute. Most major public transportation stations have a dolmus station, where you just take a seat in the dolmus that travels your desired route. The driver will wait until the dolmus is full, before the journey begins. Passengers pay according to the distance traveled and can get in and out whenever and wherever they want to by informing the driver. It is a very practical means of transport and much cheaper than a taxi. The dolmus fares are determined by municipalities according to distances.

Taxis: Taxaer er talrige hele Tyrkiet og er genkendelige ved deres gule farve og tændte “taxi” signs on top. Each taxi is metered and there are two different rates. After midnight (24:00) till morning (06:00) it will cost 50% more than the daytime fare.

Tramway: The single tram line starts at the Antalya Museum, Antalya Beach Park (på Konyaalti Beach), og Sheraton Voyager og Falez hoteller i Vesten, and runs eastward along the main boulevard to the city center at Kalekapisi. Then it turns right (south) og passerer Hadrians Gate og Karaalioglu Park før passerer nær deluxe Talya Oteli og slutter nær Lara Plaj (Beach) to the east.There are only two trains. They run along a single track, passing at a short length of double track near Kalekapisi.Both trains depart on the hour and half-hour from the termini (east and west), and reach Kalekapisi between 10 og 15 minutes later. The one-way fare is almost $1.


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