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Hiking and Jogging in Antalya

olympos_hikingIf you are keen on Hiking and Jogging, you will just find yourself on the edge of a desire to discover the endless beauty at HavaSu while you are jogging/hiking in the forest which lays just by the borders of your accommodation meanwhile offering you the best views of antique cities. While you are trekking you will enjoy the perfect combination of Hiking and experiencing the historical sites.

If you prefer to combine your trekking activity with and unforgettable experience of sightseeing tour, you may join our professional guided tour along the Lykia Road passing by the tracks of Gagae, Aktas Beach, Adrasan Bay, Musa Tepesi, Olympos, Chimera, Zeytinlik, Kargilidere, Kazanova, Papaz Iskelesi, Karaoz, Pirates Bay, Gelidonia Light House.


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