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Letoon / Kumluova

LetoonTo the west of Xanthos-Creek Eşen amid are the charcoal of the age-old city-limits Letoon aural the adjustment Kumluova. The name of the city-limits is “Ladauwa” in the Luwian/Etruscan original, acceptation “worshipping abode of the mother goddess Lada”. History of this angelic abode dates aback to bags of years afore Christ. The Mother Goddess Cult begin everywhere in Anatolia unavoidably took basis in Lycia, too.

LetoonIt is accepted that the cult, accepting been acclimatized to the area, took appearance in the anatomy of the leash Leto, Artemis, Apollon. Letoon which was accustomed as a altar in the Lycian Federation fell, like all the added Lycian cities, beneath the aphorism of the Persians in the 5th centry B.C., however, the Persians admired and did not accident this city. The sanctuar maintained its actuality and functionality from Alexander to the Romans. The missionary activities during the aboriginal years of Christianity gave aftereffect with the advertising of anecdotic the Mother Goddess Lada/Leto with the Holy Virgin and her son Apollon with Jesus Christ and thus, Christianity became advance throughout the area. Notwithstanding this, the angelic website of the agnostic acceptance was preserved.

LetoonThe Arab raiders striving to spread Islam during the 7th century A.D., as soon as having landed on the shore, ruined Letoon, the target laid. One first encounters in the area the remains of three temples built alongside each other. The first one is the peripteral order temple Leto Temple, Ionic in style, and the adjacent one was built in association with a faith before Leto. The third temple known to belong to Leto’s children Apollon and Artemis was again built of peripteral order and its floor was paved with coloured mosaics. To the north of the sacred site is the theatre with 26 caveas visible. 16 masks were found at the southern entrance some of which belong to deities and some to mythological characters. Situated at the northern entrance is an interesting tomb. There is no sign of a stage building.


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