manavgat_waterfall_1Manavgat is situated at a distance of 76 km from Antalya, on the banks of the river Manavgat. Sorgun Ormanı Forest and Titreyen Göl Lake, which was formed as a result of the Manavgat River delta being filled with alluvia, are strikingly beautiful. In the North, the rock-filled Oymapınar Dam Lake, constructed in the deep valley of the river Manavgat on The Taurus Mountains, is yet another place well worth a visit, also for its jeep-safari tours. The fertile Manavgat plain, which mainly produces cotton, is suitable for the production of 45 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, including cereals and tropical fruits. In addition to greenhouse cultivation, which has an important place in the economy, is the development of fruit and vegetable production and, during recent years, commercial flower cultivation. Banana plantations are located at the easternmost point of the plain.

There are touristic facilities to world standards at Sorgun and Titreyengöl located to the south of the district. The name Manavgat is known to mean Temple of Manauwa/Mother Goddess in the Luwian/Etruscan language. It is thought that during various epochs it was used as the common sacred site of the ancient cities of Seleukeia and Side.

Of the Turkoman yörüks descending in masses from the Taurus Mountains down to the Mediterranean littoral after the Malazgirt Battle in 1071, Tugayoğulları settled in the west and Senir Beyleri in the east. The small cascade on Manavgat Creek is 2 m high and 40 m wide.

Erozyon, böðürtlen ve söðüt dikilerek önlenecekLocated around it are a fish restaurant, a cafeteria, recreational sites and souvenir shops. The great waterfalls are found in the Oymapınar Dam direction of the small cascade. The delta where the creek joins the sea has a unique beauty of its own. Here, daily river boat excursions are organised during the summer season and sea products from the area are offered to tourists during these excursions.

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