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seleukeia1To the northwest of Manavgat are the charcoal of the age-old city-limits of Seleukeia, anchored aural the Şıhlar adjustment unit. The city-limits is accepted to accept been founded as a adherent acropolis boondocks to be acclimated as a final defence and aegis website in the case of an advance on Side. Upon the abduction of Side by pirates in the 2nd aeon B.C., a amount of the humans immigrated to Seleukeia. The brownish bronze of Apollon accepted to accept been congenital during this era is on affectation in the Antalya Museum. During the Pax Romana period, on the added hand, acropolis cities eventually absent their above importance.

The aboriginal of the charcoal are the city-limits walls accepted to accept been congenital amid two straits. It is accepted that the walls were congenital at a acme of 9 m, and the 5 m top city-limits aboideau was amid in the middle. There is a quadrangular agora abaft the gate. In the southeastern allotment of the Agora is the odeon with 6 basement benches where, in accession to music concerts, the affairs of the authoritative board of the city-limits are held.

In the northwestern allotment of the Agora one can see a abbey with a individual apsis with polygonal alien apsis walls, accepted to accept been congenital during the Byzantine era. In the arctic of the Agora, 20 meters ahead, are the charcoal of a Temple of Apollon with a individual cella and marble podium. It is accepted from the stones of broke walls in foreground of the temple that a added close bank was congenital as a aftereffect of the dangers circuitous during the periods that followed. On the western abruptness of the acreage area the charcoal were begin is a angelic cavern area ablution rituals were agitated out in age-old times, which still holds bubbler baptize even today. To the west of the cave, on the abruptness are the charcoal of a Roman bathhouse circuitous with circuitous laid attic consisting of three capital sections in the average and assorted accommodation at the sides. To the southwest of the bathhouse is a abundant basilica with coloured marble slabs on the attic beneath which are sarcophagi are found.


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