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Kemer is a bank resort and a commune of Antalya Province on the Mediterranean bank of Turkey, 40 km west of the city-limits of Antalya. Kemer is on the Gulf of Antalya, 53 km of sea bank with the skirts of the western Taurus mountains behind. The bank has the archetypal Mediterranean hot, dry acclimate and balmy sea. Until the ...

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Aspendos is accepted for accepting the best-preserved amphitheater of antiquity. With bore of 96 meters (315 ft), the amphitheater provided basement for 7,000. In adjustment to accumulate with Hellenistic traditions, a baby allotment of the amphitheater was congenital so that it leaned adjoin the acropolis area the Citadel (Acropolis) stood, while the butt was congenital on alveolate arches. The top ...

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In Alanya, the a lot of important barrio are ‘Kizilkule’ (29 meters in bore and 33 meters in height) and shipyard (57 meters in breadth and 40 meters in depth). That shipyard is consisted of 5 entablature departments. The roof has windows-like holes in adjustment to let the sun appliance in. Castle-Mosque, Bedesten (Market-place), abbey of Sultan Aksebe, all accord ...

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Antalya Culture

Thanks to its historical background the Antalya region enjoys a rich culture and ethnography. In addition to the characteristics of settled cultures, the local people also synthesised the characteristics of the yörük (nomadic) culture, thus establishing a unique culture of their own. The migration of the local people from the shore towards the uplands on the Taurus mountains because of ...

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Antalya Climate

The province of Antalya is located between the north latitudes of 36,07° – 37,29° and east longitudes of 29,20° – 32,35°. Since the area is closed to the cold northerly winds, it is characterized by the typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and moderately warm and rainy winters. In the area with sunny weather for 10 months a year ...

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Antalya History

Antalya city is younger as compared to the other ancient cities of the some region (Perge, Side, Aspendos, etc.) It was founded by the Pergamon king “Attalos” in 158 B.C. and was named after its founder (Attaleia). Its present name is the same, only with a slight change of pronunciation. Antiokhos III., who was oen of the kings of the ...

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