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Tlos / Saklıkent

tlos1Ancient city-limits Tlos lie in the southern administration of the boondocks Kemer, aural the apple Kale. The city-limits was founded as an acropolis city-limits with the name of Tlawa in the Luwian period. It commands a appearance over the anchorage in the basin of Xanthos. Tlos which became a city-limits and was adorned with assorted structures during the Roman era was inhabited until the 19th century.

The springs of the brook Eşen breeze through abrupt and attenuated rocks average the abysmal valleys of the Taurus mountains from Altınyayla in the south of the age-old city-limits Tlos. On the coast into the apparent they run abolition down the sheer-cliffed attenuated basin which is alleged Saklıkent communicable the eye with its accustomed beauties. The basin is acceptable for rafting and carnival hiking. There are trout restaurants and barbecue sites at the access of the valley.


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